For the future of NYC Arts


Over the past few years, the topic of internships and their intersection with equity ignited the museum world internationally, but especially in North America. In Spring 2020, the outbreak of COVID-19 in New York City presented exceptional challenges to this highly scrutinized meta-field. The NYC Arts Internship Collective (NYC/AIC)—a group of internship program managers from organizations across the NYC arts and culture sector—formed to address these challenges. What began as an informal peer meeting has since developed into a collective with a strong mission: to uplift the field at large through community support, free resources, professional development opportunities, and events dedicated to the promotion and implementation of robust, intentional, ethical arts and culture internship programs.MISSION
AIC/NYC seeks to highlight internships programs in NYC that prioritize learning, inspiration, and exposure, and provide emerging professionals a lens into the many ways they might find joy contributing to our world.
When internship professionals collaborate, it paves a path and opens doors for more successful interns. The inception of NYC/AIC is an important step for the field: a new age of cross-institutional collaboration—a collaboration that is essential to the future of equitable internship programs—pursued in the spirit of mutual aid, and rooted in abundance.Introducing interns to an arts community that extends beyond just their institution allows an experience that creates well-rounded and well-prepared arts and culture professionals.VALUES
- Internships should always be paid.
- Internships work best when designed, managed, and facilitated to support intern learning.
- Internship professionals across arts and culture should have access to a like-minded community, a trove of best practices, and an open-source toolbox for implementation.

Current Institutions Participating

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
Lincoln Center
New-York Historical Society
Poster House